Discover unique culture of Togeans

Togean Islands are so mush more than diving and snorkeling. Local on-surface life is thriving and waiting for the guests.

Togean Islands are one of a few remaining destinations for those who want to explore an authentic culture of islanders. Local lifestyle is highly dependent on a weather in the sea and the amount of fish in it. People here commute by boat everywhere: to a market, a school or a hospital. Surrounded by magnificent landscapes – both land and underwater – for all their lives, locals are very relaxed and friendly. You can witness this unique way of life, so different from any other.


Meet Bajau people

Togeans are the home to the Bajau people. This ethnic group lives seaborne lifestyle: they build their houses on water, provide for their families by fishing and travel around on small wooden boats. Historically, Bajau are nomadic, but in recent decades they settled and formed small fishermen villages all over Togeans. You can see these unique villages with your own eyes.

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Explore Kadidiri Island

The area of Kadidiri Island is around 5 square kilometers, and almost all of it is covered with jungle. Despite the small size of the island, many jungle animals live here. The most famous ones is babirusa (also called deer-pig) – a pig with big tusks curved upwards, and relatively large (up to 1 meter long) monitor lizards.

You can go trekking to a beautiful Barracuda beach – a good spot for snorkeling and swimming. To get there, you need to walk up to 30 minutes by a jungle path. On the way there, you can find a hut where famous palm sugar being made. You can buy some of it on spot.

Climb up Colo Volcano
(Una Una island)

Una Una island is formed by a stratovolcano. It rises on 507 meters above the sea level. The last volcano eruption happened in 1980-s, now it is a mountain with a big lake on top of it. You can climb all the way up passing by picturesque rocks, mountain streams and jungle.

To visit Colo Volcano, join our diving trip to Una Una (shared price for all participants Rp. 2,000,000). On the island, a local guide will take you by motorbike closer to the volcano and will guide you all the way up and back (guide service: around Rp. 150,000).

Kadidiri Paradise from the sea